How to Activate the Sensor How to Activate the Sensor

How to Activate the Sensor

Ashna Haque Ashna Haque

This article will walk you through how to activate the sensor and begin monitoring.


Step 1: In the app, tap on the icon of an empty room. 

Step 2: A dialog box will ask if you'd like to activate the sensor. Tap "Activate." 

Step 3: Several settings options will appear, including the following sensitivity settings.

  • Low: alerts when patient is standing
  • High: alerts before patient exits
  • Ultra-High: alerts with any motion near the bed edge

Select the correct settings for your patient. Then tap "Review." 

Step 4: Review all the content to ensure it's correct. Tap "Confirm."

Step 5: The sensor will now begin calibrating. You will hear the sensor say, "Detecting the floor. Detecting the wall. Detecting the bed. System is on. Monitoring bed." The system is now monitoring the bed.



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