Activating a Sensor Activating a Sensor

Activating a Sensor

Rose  Watson Rose Watson

To activate a sensor:


  1.  Tap on a gray [inactive] room icon
  2.  Tap the Activate button
  3.  Select the Bed Mode Sensitivity level, In-Room Alert Audio on/off, In-Room Alert language, and   Room Volume. See details below. Tap Review, and verify that the information is correct. 
  4.  Tap Confirm to start room calibration 
  5. The sensor will say, "Detecting the floor. Detecting the wall. Detecting the bed." and then "System is on. Monitoring bed." 

The sensor will then prompt you to "Calibrate the chair using the calibration card."

  • To calibrate the chair, stand at the side of the chair and and hold the card at chest level of the resident. The system will go through a series of 3 beeps and say, "chair calibrated," when complete. 










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