What to Do with Room Errors What to Do with Room Errors

What to Do with Room Errors

Rose Watson Rose Watson

Your VSTAlert App may display different sensor statuses. This article will identify what these statuses mean, and how to resolve any errors you may encounter. 

Error Statuses: 

error_1_.png Obstructed: The sensor has been blocked; possibly by a curtain or door. Check the sensor in the room and remove the obstruction.

 error_2_.pngDisconnected: The sensor is disconnected from the power supply or internet connection. Ensure the sensor is fully plugged in and connected. 

error_4.pngBed Calibration: This occurs when the bed has been moved away from the original location or there is too much sunlight in the room and the sensor cannot detect the bed. Visit the room to determine the cause. If the bed has been moved, reset it. If the sunlight is too bright, lower a shade or curtain to reduce the light. 

error_3_.pngChair Calibration: The sensor is trying to calibrate the chair. A team member must calibrate the chair or skip this step so the sensor can begin monitoring.


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