Room Errors Room Errors

Room Errors

Rose  Watson Rose Watson

Your VSTAlert Senior Living App may display different sensor statuses. This article will identify what these statuses mean, and how to resolve any errors you may encounter. 

Error Statuses: 


Disconnected: The sensor is disconnected from the power supply or internet connection. Ensure the sensor if fully plugged in and connected. 


Obstructed: The sensor has been blocked; possibly by a curtain or door. Remove the obstruction to resolve this error.


"Calibrating" Error: The sensor is trying to locate the bed. This error usually shows because the bed was moved away from its original location. Move the bed back to the calibrated location. This error could also occur when there is too much sunlight in the room. Close the curtain to reduce the sunlight to resolve the issue.


"Chair Calibrating Error": Sensor is trying to locate the chair. Users need to calibrate the chair or skip this function.

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