How to Activate a Sensor How to Activate a Sensor

How to Activate a Sensor

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This quick guide will walk you through activating a VSTAlert sensor, via your mobile device. 


Step 1: On the Rooms page of your VSTAlert app, click on a gray room icon. 

Step 2: On the next screen, you will see the room number that you've selected and fields for required monitoring information. Fill out these fields for the correct monitoring type. 


Step 3: When the information is correct, click the green Activate Sensor button at the bottom of the screen. This will turn on the sensor, and you will hear the sensor say, "Detecting the floor. Detecting the wall. Detecting the bed." 


Step 4: The sensor will then say, "Calibrating chair." Hold the yellow/orange calibration card at head height above the center of the seat of the chair (about 3 feet in the air.) The black square on the card should be facing the sensor, and the sensor will beep repeatedly when it is in sight. 


Step 5: You may need to adjust the angle of the card until the sensor detects it. Once beeping has started, hold the card steady until the sensor states, "Chair calibrated. Monitoring bed." 

The room tile in the VSTAlert app will now be green to show that the sensor has been completely activated. 


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