How to Activate a Sensor How to Activate a Sensor

How to Activate a Sensor

Rose Watson Rose Watson

This quick guide will walk you through activating a VSTAlert sensor, via your mobile device. 


  1.  To activate a sensor, click on a gray room icon on the Rooms page
  2.  A screen will pop up, and users will need to enter the information required. 
  3.  When the information is correct, click the green Activate Sensor button at the bottom of the   screen. This will turn on the sensor, and you will hear the sensor say, "Detecting the floor.     Detecting  the wall. Detecting the bed." 






4. When prompted by the phrase "Calibrate Chair," hold calibration card about three feet above the center point of the seat cushion of the chair with the black square on the card facing the sensor. The sensor will beep repeatedly when the card is in sight.

5. You may need to adjust the angle of the card slightly until the beeping starts. Hold the card steadily in place until the sensor confirms the chair location has been calibrated by stating, "Chair calibrated."

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