VSTBalance Basics: Creating an Exercise Plan VSTBalance Basics: Creating an Exercise Plan

VSTBalance Basics: Creating an Exercise Plan

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In addition to offering assessments, VSTBalance aims to support the work of therapists and clinicians by offering tools that streamline current work. Using VSTBalance, you will be able to create a customizable care plan that you can directly assign to your patient.

Note: This tool is not a replacement for clinical expertise. Education and experience along with knowledge of patient history is invaluable.


Navigate the Exercise Plan Tool

This feature is accessible from the patient page and reports page. Select the mceclip0.png which will navigate you to the main page. The exercise library consists of 60 exercises selected with older adults in mind.

ReccExer_Button_.PNG  Landing_Page.PNG


Find an Exercise

To find a specific exercise, you have three options:

  1. Using the scroll bar on the right to search the library
  2. Using the search bar above – As you type, recommendations will populate based on what you type.
  3. Filter the exercises shown by Region, Position, Assessment or Mobility Level. Once selected, all your filters will appear at the top of the exercise library. To remove on, simply click the “X’. The options remaining in the library will show only the exercises that satisfy all the requested filters.
    Filter_Exercises.PNG  Filters_Assigned2.PNG


Select an Exercise

Once you find an exercise, click it to select it. Selected exercises will be outlined in orange and will populate in the Assigned Exercise List at the bottom of the screen. To remove any exercise from the list, simply click the “X” in the top right corner of the box.



Suggested Exercises

VSTBalance can offer suggested exercises based on the assessments performed and mobility result. When suggested you will see an indicator along the top of an exercise. This will include the name of the assessment along with a color indicator of their mobility level:

  • High Mobility (Green)
  • Medium Mobility (Orange)
  • Low Mobility (Red)


To learn more about the exercise, simply click the “?” which will bring up a description of the exercise and indicate if it is suggested based on assessment performance.



Previously Assigned Exercises

You also have the capability of viewing Previously Assigned Exercise Plans which can be viewed by clicking on the bottom left button. It will show the date of previously assigned plans along with what was assigned.

  • Print will allow you to create additional copies of the care plan
  • Duplicate Exercises will allow you to build off a previous care plan. When selected, all of the exercises shown will populate in the “Assigned Exercise List”. Once there, you can edit/add/remove exercises as needed. When you go to the Scheduling Setup page, the system will remember the previously assigned sets & reps.



Schedule Setup

Once you have selected the exercises, you can assign reps in the Schedule Setup by selecting mceclip0.png. You will be able to set the following features:

  • Program Length refers to the number of weeks a person should follow the plan
  • Frequency means the number of days per week to perform the exercise & times per day
  • Sets refer to the number of rounds the person should perform in one session
  • Reps explains the number of times someone should perform an exercise during one set. This can be specified to per side, right side, left side, or total depending on a persons needs.

ScheduleSetup.PNG  ScheduleSetupDropdown.PNG 


Complete and Share a Personalized Care Plan

Once you have completed your schedule setup. Your Exercise Plan is complete! To share the care plan created you have multiple options:

  • Print It by selecting PDF Preview. See what everything looks like. If you don’t have any changes to make. Select “Print’ and go directly to the print dialogue.

PDFPreview.PNG PrintModal.PNG

  • Email It and Send to VSTWell at the same time when you input patient email. Simply enter the email address and select Send. If the email address has been entered before, the system will remember it.

SendExercisePlan.PNG  ExercisePlanSent.PNG


VSTWell App

Once emailed, you can directly navigate to VSTWell download by selectin “Download VSTWell”. Scan the QR Code based on whether the patient has an iPhone or android device.


To understand how to use VSTWell, please go to: Using the VSTWell App.


If you have any questions or need support contact your Client Partner or VSTBalance Helpdesk at (855) 443 5744 ext. 3. 

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