VSTBalance Basics: VSTWell App VSTBalance Basics: VSTWell App

VSTBalance Basics: VSTWell App

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VSTWell is a mobile and desktop friendly app accessible by any person in the system to see their personalized exercise results and basic overview of their mobility levels and wellness.


Download or Access the App

VSTWell can be downloaded on any Android from the Google Play Store or Apple device from the Apple Store. Simply go to the App shore and search for “VSTWell” using the search bar. Select the VSTWell icon. 


Tap the Download or Get button to begin downloading the app. You may need to wait a few minutes for the download process to be completed. Once the app has successfully downloaded, tap the Open button or navigate to the app on your phone screen to open your new VSTWell app. 


Sign up & Login

Users must first register before they can begin viewing recommended exercises. For Sign Up follow these steps:

  1. Select Sign Up at the bottom of the login screen to create a profile. 
  2. Enter the requested information and hit Register to create your new profile. 
  3. A One Time Password will be sent to your email that you can use to login for the first time.
    • Note: If you have trouble receiving your one time password, please contact your Client Partner or VSTBalance Helpdesk at (855) 443 5744 ext. 3 for assistance.
  4.  Once you log in, you will be prompted to Change your password to your personal password
  5. Future Logins will use these credentials
    • Username: Email
    • Password: Personal Password created


Home Screen

The VSTWell Dashboard is the first screen you will see when entering the app. It will prompt you to view Today's Workout with completion stats, and will show your most recent Gait, Balance, Reach, and Sit-to-Stand assessments. 

Navigate to the App Menu by tapping the three horizontal lines at the top left-hand corner. Here you can immediately navigate to the Dashboard, Workout, or Stats screens from anywhere in the app. You can also log out of the app from the menu by tapping Sign Out. 

well_dashboard.png    well_menu_.png


Start Your Personalized Workout

Select the Get Started button on the Home Screen to go to the Workout screen. To complete your workout you will have to follow 5 simple steps

  1. Select the Exercises you want to perform. They will all be selected to begin with, but you can deselect exercises as needed to perform them one at a time or all together.
  2. Click Start Workout
  3. View instructions and perform the exercise. Tap the video screen anywhere to pause the video as needed. Press the 'X' to get out of the video view. 
  4. Press Next to go to the next exercise until you have completed all the exercises for that workout. Use Pre to go back to previous exercises. 
  5. When the entire workout is complete, Press Done and you will be navigated back to your Dashboard. You will now see at the top of the Dashboard screen that you have completed your workout for the day!!


Stats and Results

The Stats screen displays your performance history for each assessment. By tapping each of the assessment types at the top of the screen, you can view a progress chart for that assessment, as well as the most recent outcome from your last assessment report. This allows you to keep track of your physical fitness over time as you progress in your exercise regimen and return for follow-up assessments. 


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