VSTBalance Basics: Home Screen VSTBalance Basics: Home Screen

VSTBalance Basics: Home Screen

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This Article will overview the home page and basics of the VSTBalance Application. 

Navigating the Home Screen

After logging into the VSTBalance application, you will be taken to the home screen. From here you can search for patients on the system, add a new patient, import a patient list, or add a new therapist/user. The Home button will always navigate you back to this screen at any point in the application.


You can also log out of your VSTBalance profile from this screen, and all screens outside of the assessments/biofeedback training games, by clicking the Logout button under your name in the right-hand corner of the screen. 


The Home Screen 

In the Search Bar, you may search for particular patients or residents. 

Recommended Follow-up will show you any residents or patients that are overdue for assessments and by how long. These patients will be color-coded according to their last mobility level.

  • Low mobility - Overdue after 1 month
  • Medium Mobility - Overdue after 3 months
  • High Mobility - Overdue after 6 months

Follow-up Status can be selected for each patient from the recommended Follow-up table in the right-hand drop-down menu. 

Fax Status (optional) will appear in the bottom right of the table. This will only appear if the fax feature is enabled on your VSTBalance System. To learn more go to: Faxing from VSTBalance

Buttons Available



Searching for a Patient/Resident 

There are two different ways to search for a resident profile from the home screen. 

  1. Click the orange Search button/Magnifying Glass while the search field next to the search button is empty. This will bring up a list of all the residents who have been entered into the system. Scroll through this list and then click on that name of the profile you want.
  2. Type a portion or full name of the resident into the search bar and press enter key, or click on the search button. This will bring up a list of all the residents who match the search results.
  3. If no resident profile matches your search criteria, an error message will be displayed. You can then click add this Patient and follow these instructions: Adding a New Patient 

Screenshot__81_.png  Screenshot__80_.png

Select the resident's name to go to the Patient Profile where you can select an assessment or training activity to perform. Learn more about the Patient Page here: VSTBalance Basics: Patient Profile

Note: Ensure that you choose the correct profile, as tests and reports cannot be deleted or moved from a resident's records once the assessment has been completed. 


My Dashboard

Clicking on the top-left button labeled My Dashboard will take you to your user dashboard. This will provide an overview for your resident or patient population's health. 


1. Quick Stats 

These are high-level stats for your population including: 

  • number of patients/residents tested 
  • mobility ratios 
  • number of overdue assessments 

2. Recommended Follow-up

This chart shows any overdue assessments for your population. Clicking a resident/patient name will take you to the assessment page. 

3. Assessments Performed 

This graph breaks down how many assessments you've conducted by type. 



Patient Information

Adding a New Patient 

When performing assessments with residents on the VSTBalance system, each resident will have an individual resident profile that stores their data. To add new residents, click the orange Add New Patient button towards the top of the screen. 


Required Fields 

The only required fields when creating a resident profile are First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Setting.

**Test Patients can be indicated by selecting selecting the checkbox . Do this for all patients that are not real. This will remove them from aggregate statistics in the cloud and My Dashboard.


Ensure that you enter the resident’s date of birth correctly, as this will affect the normative data it is compared against. If you make a mistake you can Edit Patient Information.



Optional Fields 

Nickname: If the resident has a nickname, you can insert the nickname into this field. The resident profile to also be searchable by this nickname.

Patient's email: Adding the resident’s email address allows them to use the VSTWell application and access their reports. 

MRN, or Medical Record Number: Entering this into the system allows you easy access to the resident’s MRN number. This is beneficial if you want to upload the reports gathered on the system to a resident's Medical Record or Electronic Medical Record. 

Existing diagnoses and pre-existing conditions: In this tab, you can keep notes on the resident to understand why they may be at a certain level of mobility. This field is a keyword search with a number of different diagnoses and pre-existing conditions already in the system. 

Referral sources: Track the number of referral sources from which you are obtaining new residents and how many potential residents are being sent your way from a particular source. There are three fields that allow you to track exactly where a resident referral originated. The first allows you to enter the organization that referred the resident, the second allows you to track the department of the organization, and the third gives you the ability to track the physician that referred the resident. 

Tags: This allows you to filter patients more specifically in the Cloud Portal, giving you the ability to look at the outcomes for certain groups of residents. To do this, click the dropdown arrow next to Tags and click Create New Tag. Then, type a specific group, such as Wellness, to create a new tag and assign it to the resident. This tag will be saved in the system and will be available to use later when you click the dropdown menu to add tags to another resident. You can create any number of tags to group residents, and assign as many tags to a resident as desired. You can also remove tags from a resident by clicking on the "x" in the tag underneath the dropdown menu. 

After you have completed all the required and optional fields, click the Save button in the bottom left corner, and the resident profile will be saved to the system. Once you create a new resident you will automatically be taken to the resident Home Screen. 


This article will quickly walk you through the Login screen, Home screen, dashboard, and patient pages of VSTBalance. 


Import New Patients (.csv)

The system has the option to do a batch import of patients allowing you to upload your whole population at ease. The sample file is located on the desktop. Simply edit this document and save it.

Upload Requirements:

  • Spreadsheet must be a .csv file
  • You can update the sample or create your own
  • The first row of the .csv must include the column titles
  • No Hyphens can be used in the Name columns
  • Date of Birth format must be MM/DD/YYYY

mceclip2.png      Patient_resident_import.PNG


Upload Instructions

  1. Import the .csv file by going to the home page and click Import Patient/Resident List.  
  2. Select File and upload your .csv file
  3. Successful Upload means that you will be able to search for and run assessments/trainings with those patients
  4. Errors will appear in a pop up if there are any mistakes in the file along. The error message will include the row number and name of the patient with the error.
  5. Fix/Retry Upload by making the edits to the .csv file and reupload OR you can manually add individual profiles by Adding a New Patient.

Once patient profiles are created, you can Edit Patient Information with tags, diagnosis, references, etc...  



Edit Patient Information

To edit Patient Information, you must navigate to the Patient Page. To do so, search for and select the patient you would like to edit. 

On the upper left side of the screen, select the small pencil icon next to the name of the resident mceclip4.png. Be sure to save before exiting the screen. 




User/Clinician Information

Add New User/Clinician

For a therapist to access VSTBalance system and assess your patients, we require a login and password on the system to ensure HIPAA compliance and protect the patient data. This ensures that the system is used correctly and assessments are not done on the wrong patient profile, as tests cannot be deleted after they are saved to the system. 

Create a New Therapist/User Instructions

  1. Have a current clinician/user login to the system and go to the home screen.
    • (New System with no Therapists yet? Contact your Client Partner or VSTBalance Helpdesk at (855) 443 5744 ext. 3.  for assistance.)
  2. Click the Add New Therapist button on the top right-hand side of the screen. 
  3. Input the credentials of the New User/Therapist
  4. Save and the new Clinician/User will have access to VSTBalance - User/Clinician Login 

If you forget you Clinician/User credentials, please view Logging into VSTBalance.


Required Information 

  • First and Last name - As patients are assessed on the system, they can be assigned to whoever administered the assessments. 
  • Email - We recommend using your work email, if you have one, as this is the email that will be saved on file and used to get a reset link if you forget your password. 
  • Username and Password - For the username, we recommend using the initial of your first name and your whole last name.  Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters with at least one uppercase letter and one numeric digit or special character. When you’re finished entering the data, click the Save button and you will be taken back to the home screen. Repeat this process as necessary to create a login for each user. 


Optional Information 

  • Mobile Phone - This is an optional field which can be used to help identify between two clinicians.
  • Role - This field will allow you to put your role to help track what type of staff members are using the equipment the most. This will come pre-loaded with specific roles that you can select. If you do not see your role in this list, you will have an option to add a new role at the bottom of the list.


Edit User/Clinician Information

To edit a previously created therapist profile, simply login to VSTBalance, and select your name is the upper right hand corner of the home screen. Edit any profile information including name, email address, phone number, or username and password. Once finished, click Save to save your changes.

mceclip7.png    Screenshot__82_.png


User/Clinician Login

When you open the VSTBalance application on the system laptop, you will be taken to the login page. Enter your username and password and press the Enter key or click the Sign In button under the password field.

(Don’t have a login? Have someone who is already set up on the system help you in Adding a New Therapist.)

(New System with no Therapists yet? Contact your Client Partner or VSTBalance Helpdesk at (855) 443 5744 ext. 3.  for assistance.)


Autofill Username/Credentials

As you create logins, all users will appear on the left-hand side. Simply click your name and this will auto-fill your username into the username field. Then just enter your password and click the  Sign In  button. 


If you forget you Clinician/User credentials, please view Logging into VSTBalance.







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