Caring for your VSTBalance System Caring for your VSTBalance System

Caring for your VSTBalance System

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Safety Check

To ensure your VSTBalance system remains in prime condition, please review this safety checklist.

Environmental Check

  • Remove all liquids that could short circuit VSTBalance hardware from the vicinity.
  • The system should be on a level surface to avoid rolling or injury due to an incline.
  • The system should not be near any flammable or combustible items such as napkins.
  • Never run extension cords under carpets or over doors.

Electrical Safety

  • Check all cords, plugs, surge protectors, and extension cords for frayed casing. If any exposed
    wire is found, replace it immediately (HDMI cables, USB cables, all power cables).
  • Ensure all cables, cords, and AV components are properly secured via cable management.
  • To avoid overloading one outlet, ensure only VSTBalance hardware is plugged into the extension cord. Unplug all additional hardware.
  • Avoid using additional extension cords beyond what is provided. Where possible, plug
    VSTBalance power cords directly into a wall outlet.

Assembly Safety

  • Ensure that the stand is free of damage such as splits, bends, dents, cracks, splintering, and
    breaks that may compromise operation and/or structural integrity.
  • Ensure that there is no damage to the locking mechanism. When wheels are locked, ensure
    that the stand is sturdy and remains in place. When the locks are lifted, the system should be
  • Confirm that all parts are free of rust and corrosion. Replace parts as needed.
  • Ensure that there are no sharp edges or projections coming from the VSTBalance assembly.
  • Check that the TV is secure in place. If it is loose, tighten or replace the mounting gear.

General Warning Signs

If you experience any of these warning signs, call your landlord or a licensed electrician immediately.

  • You feel a tingling sensation when you touch a plug or light switch.
  • Your circuit breaker flips frequently, or fuses blow regularly.
  • An appliance gives off a faint rubbery or burning smell.
  • Your outlet plates are warm to the touch or discolored.
  • An electrical appliance has been waterlogged or submersed in any liquid (throw it away immediately).
  • An outlet sparks.
  • Your lights dim or flicker.


General Care of System


  • When cleaning, unplug the power cord and wipe gently with a soft/dry cloth
  • Do not spray water or other liquids directly on the TV, Computer, or sensor
  • Do not clean with chemicals including glass cleaner, any type of air freshener, insecticide, lubricants, wax (car, industrial), abrasive, thinner, benzene, alcohol, etc., which can damage the products and/or their panels. This may result in electric shock or product damage.


  • Make sure the product is turned off and unplugged, and that all cables have been removed. It may take two or more people to carry larger TVs
  • Do not press or put stress on the front panel of the TV. This may result in product damage, fire hazard, or injury 
  • Keep the packing anti-moisture material or vinyl packing out of the reach of children
  • Do not allow an impact, shock, or any objects to fall into the product, and do not drop anything onto the screen
  • Do not press strongly upon the panel with a hand or a sharp object such as a nail, pencil, or pen. It may cause damage to the screen

Do not place the TV and/or remote control in the following environments

  • In direct sunlight
  • An area with high humidity, such as a bathroom
  • Near any heat source such as stoves and other devices that produce heat
  • Near kitchen counters or humidifiers where they can easily be exposed to steam or oil
  • An area exposed to rain or wind
  • Do not expose to dripping or splashing and do not place objects filled with liquids, such as vases, cups, etc. on or over the apparatus (e.g., on shelves above the unit) 
  • Near flammable objects such as gasoline or candles or expose the TV to direct air conditioning
  • Do not install in excessively dusty places. This may result in fire, electric shock, combustion/ explosion, malfunction, or product deformation


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