VSTBalance Appointment Scheduling VSTBalance Appointment Scheduling

VSTBalance Appointment Scheduling

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Appointment scheduler feature allows your to schedule a follow-up assessment with patients post assessment. To enable this feature, please contact your client partner for support. 


Instructions to setup Follow Up Appointment

  1. After an assessment is completed and comments are entered, a pop-up will appear prompting you to schedule a follow-up with the patient. VSTBalance will offer a default time frame based on patient mobility:
    • Low Mobility - One Month
    • Medium Mobility - Three Months
    • High Mobility - Six Months
    • Note: Please contact your Client Partner set custom timeframes for each mobility level. 
  2. To schedule a follow-up appointment, enter the patient’s phone number, email address, and choose the date you wish to reassess the patient. 
    • Select Confirm Date to use the default date.
    • To pick a different date, click Change Date. This will bring up a calendar view, allowing you to pick a new date and time. 



Accessing the Calendar View 

The Calendar view has a month, week and day view which can be selected in the top right corner. From this view you will see all scheduled appointments. Reschedule any appointment by:

  • Dragging and dropping the orange bar to the desired time in the Day or Week View.
  • Move the orange bar to the day in Month view you would like to schedule for. This will automatically move the appointment to the first available timeslot on that day.
  • Note: Please contact your Client Partner set custom defaults for appointment lengths and breaks between appointments.

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