VSTBalance Basics: Patient Merge Feature VSTBalance Basics: Patient Merge Feature

VSTBalance Basics: Patient Merge Feature

Kripa Guha Kripa Guha

Nicknames or lack of internet connection can cause duplicate profiles for the same patient/resident. In these instances, you can use the Manual Patient Merge feature to merge the two profiles and associated data together in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Navigate to the CORRECT profile. 
    • Note: Is it important that you first navigate to the profile you would like to keep. There is no way to undo a Merge once it is complete.
  2. Edit the patient profile and select “More Options.”
  3. Type in the name of the profile you would like to merge. Double Click to select the name.
  4. Once the profiles have been selected, a screen will pop up with a side by side view of the Profile you would like to keep and the profile that will be merged. If satisfied, select Next Step to review the Merged patient details prior to performing the action.
    • Note: the action can still be cancelled at this time. If needed, cancel and follow the instructions as needed or call your Client Partner for assistance.
      Merge5-ProfileMergeSidebySide.PNG   Merge6-ProfileFinal.PNG
  5. Complete the confirmation page and the merge will finish. Please be sure to review the merged profile before finishing as you cannot undo this later.

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